Even if you are an expert user it is recommended to start with Autoconfig. You can start Autoconfig in Setup wizart after you activated Swift Performance at the first time, but you can also run it again from the top bar menu.

Autoconfig will detect the environment, theme, plugins and will configure Swift Performance automatically. Once the process has been finished, you can tweak settings manually to get the best achievable results.


Swift Performance contains presets, which are fail-safe preconfigured packages which are suitable for the most common sites.

Simple Caching

Most basic preset. It will cache pages, minify HTML, but won’t optimize CSS and javascript files, and won’t use lazyload techniques. Of course this preset is the most compatible, but the optimization is very limited.

Limited Hosting

Basic improvements and basic optimization. It is ideal for limited shared hosting or very small VPS. This preset will also merge styles and optimize CSS delivery, but still won’t use too much resources and highly compatible.

Moderate Optimization

This preset contains basic CSS and javascript optimization, but it is also using Critical CSS. Still good compatibility, but it can deliver better results than smaller presets.

Improved Optimization

Contains everything which is included in Moderate Optimization preset, but also using lazyload for images. This preset is offers almost the same compatibility as Moderate Optimization but because lazyloading it will provide much better results.


Maximum Optimization

This preset also using Async execute for javascript, server push and cache empty minicart for WooCommerce. On most pages non of them will cause any issue, however in rare cases Async execute can cause javascript errors.

Manual Config

You can switch settings view in the top right corner of the settings page.

Simple view
You can change basic settings in simple view. This is recommended for beginners.

Advanced View
You can fine tune settings in Advanced mode.

Preview changes

Preview changes

If you made changes in the settings, you can preview them before save it. You can simply click to Preview button next to Save, then Swift Performance will open a new window where you will see the homepage with the new settings. You can also navigate on the site to check other pages, Swift Performance will add ?swift-preview=1 to every URLs, so other pages will be rendered with the new settings as well.