If you enable Bypass Analytics feature Swift Performance will block the default Google Analytics script, and will use AJAX requests and the Google Analytics Measurement protocol instead.

Tracking ID

You need to specify the tracking ID of the property. You will find this ID in the original Analytics code.

IP Source

If you are using reverse proxy (like Cloudflare) you will need to set the IP source for Google Analytics. Most cases Swift Performance will detect the proper IP source automatically.

Anonymize IP

If you enable it, Google Analytics will anonymize the IP as soon as technically feasible at the earliest possible stage.

Delay Collect

If you enable this option Google Analytics requests will be send only after the user made a mouse move, keypress or scroll event. It will speed up initial loading time, but be careful, bounce rate statistics may will be distorted

Exclude Users from Statistics

You can exclude logged in users from Analytics by user role. It can be extremely useful for smaller sites to see real stats, because editors won’t affect the statistics when they check the site.

Disable Cookies

Regarding GDPR you can’t use some cookies until the visitor approve them. In that case you can prevent Swift Performance to create these cookies by default, and use swift_performance_cookies-disabled filter to override this option. Please note that Swift Performance uses cookies for Google Analytics Bypass.