Swift Performance provides 3 different caching mode:

  • Disk cache with PHP
  • Disk cache with rewrites (recommended)
  • Memcached with PHP


Disk cache with PHP
This is the default mode, because it is the easiest way to handle caching, it is fail-safe and is working with every server software without any settings. However it is not the fastest way to serve cached pages, because it needs PHP to serve cache.


Disk cache with rewrites
If Swift Performance can use rewrites to serve cache, the server software will load the cached pages directly without even starting PHP. Therefore this is the fastest mode, and it is recommended to use, if rewrites can be used. If server is using Apache or Litespeed and the htaccess file is writable for WordPress, then Swift Performance will handle rewrites automatically. If htaccess is not writable, or you are using Nginx as a server software you will need add generated rewrite rules manually.


Memcached with PHP
It is a fallback option, which is available only if memcached is installed on the server. It should be used only if WordPress can’t write files on the server.