There are some pages on every site which shouldn’t be cached. Most of them are excluded from cache automatically, however you can exclude more pages.


Automatically excluded pages

WP admin pages, WooCommerce cart, checkout and my-account pages will be excluded from caching by default (you can preload and cache cart and checkout page separately for all users with WooCommerce Session Cache). By default all AJAX actions are excluded from caching, however you can cache specific AJAX actions with AJAX cache.

Also password protected pages will be excluded from caching, and by default Swift Performance won’t cache any pages which are available for logged in users only (see caching for logged in users).

If a request returns 403 or 503 response code it will not cached as well. Also 404 pages will be cached only if you explicitly enabled cache 404 pages in cache settings.


Exclude Post Types
If you run Autoconfig it will exclude all post types automatically which are not publicly queryable. However you can exclude more post types manually. Usually you need to cache only pages, posts, products, and other custom post types which has single page and can be viewed in the browser.


Exclude Pages
Usually you don’t need to exclude specific pages, however if you need, you can simply select them here from a dropdown.


Exclude URLs
You can exclude any URL as well. You can use full, or partial URLs here. You can also use regular expression here


Exclude Cookies
You can specify cookie names here. Cache will be bypassed if the user has one of these cookies.


Exclude Content Parts
You can exclude any pages which contains a particular word, or code. You can also use regular expression here


Exclude User Agents
You can exclude user agents. You can specify a full or a pratial user agent string here. You can also use regular expression here.


Exclude Crawlers
This option will exclude known crawlers from caching. If some of these crawlers hit a page, it won’t start the cache generation. However if the page is already cached the crawler will get the cached page as well.


You can also exclude Author Pages, Archive Pages, REST URLs and Feed