Swift Performance provides some WooCommerce specific features to speed up your websohp.

Plugins tab is hidden in simple view. This option is available only if Advanced view is enabled and WooCommerce is active.

Cache Empty Minicart

If you enable this feature, cart fragments (wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments) requests will be cached if the cart is empty. It will speed up the initial pageload for new visitors, which can improve the conversions. It is always recommended to use.

Disable Cart Fragments

You can even disable the cart fragments requests. You can disable it on:

  • every pages
  • non-shop pages (eg Contact Us, or Privacy Policy)
  • specified pages (you can choose pages in a dropdown)
  • specified URLs (you can add URLs one-by-one)
WooCommerce Session Cache

In most cache plugin the cart and checkout pages simply can not be cached. This feature will preload and cache cart and checkout pages for every visitors (separately). With this feature you can speed up the checkout process, which can improve conversions.

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Ajaxify Prices
If you enable Ajaxify Prices feature, Swift Performance will load all prices via AJAX on cached pages. See more