Swift Performance provide a free, unlimited image optimizer module. It will optimizer JPEG and PNG images and also can generate WebP with our Image Optimizer API.

Once you have set the image source you can start scanning images. Swift Performance will find all images from the selected source (including thumbnails and all custom image sizes) and add them to the Image Optimizer table.

You can select images and optimize them one by one, which allows you to optimize images with different settings. However if you don’t select any images, you can simply click to Optimize Images (All), in that case Swift Performance will optimize all of your images with the actual settings.

If you are not satisfied with the image quality, you can restore images one by one, or restore all original images with one click as well. If quality of optimized images are ok, and you don’t need the original images anymore, you can remove them one by one, or you can remove all original with one click as well.

In the Image Optimizer table you can check all images one by one, you can compare the optimized images with the original one, you can see the original and the actual size of the image as well.

You can remove any image from the table, or even exclude it from optimization.

You can modify the global settings if you click the cog on the right or the Settings button. It can be useful if you would like to optimize images with different settings. You can also reset the settings to the global one.