Swift Performance can clear cache automatically when it is necessary. If you update a post, stock has been changed for a product, or a new post has been added, Swift Performance will clear the cache for the single page and for the archive pages as well. You can also add arbitary pages to clear cache on post publish/update.

In some cases expired nonce can cause issues as well. You can also specify short lifespan pages, or set cache expiry to Time Based.


Custom Purge
You can also purge specific pages with custom purge. You can use full or partial URLs, or also can use regular expressions here. All pages which match with the specified URL will be cleared.


Clear All Cache
Both on Swift Performance Dashboard, and in the Top Bar menu you can clear all cache. If you clear all cache it will clear all page cache, gravatar cache, bypassed fonts and third party assets, optimized static resources.


Clear cache role
By default only administrator users can clear the cache. However you can also grant clear cache privilege for any user role (for example for editors, or authors).